Talanin V.I., Talanin I.E., Matsko O., Yakymchuk D.I. Application Vlasov’s model for solids to the analysis of defect formation // The 7th Annual Conference of ANALYTIX-2019: Abstract Book. — Berlin, 2019. — P. 67.

The authors confirmed the validity of Vlasov’s model for solids using an example of real material. It is shown for the first time that Vlasov’s model for plasma and Vlasov’s model for solids give identical results and are, in fact, an analogue of the concept of the “large-scale structure of the Universe”. It is shown that in this aspect Vlasov confirmed the validity of the concept of Faraday-Thomson’s force lines. It is shown that since Vlasov developed his ideas on the basis of the mathematical apparatus of N.P. Kasterin, then adequate mathematical theories should emphasize the identity of the processes occurring at the macro and micro levels, which indicates the absence of any duality in nature.