Talanin V.I. Old Russian pre-varangian aristocracy of X-XVI centuries and their descendants: genealogical research. – Zaporozhye: ZNU, 2015. – 168 p. (In Russian)

The book is dedicated to restoration of genealogy of the boyars genus from the «Nerevo end» of Veliky Novgorod: Niskinichy (X-XII centuries), Malyshevichy (XII-XIII centuries), Mishinichy-Ontsiforovichy (XIII-XVI centuries). It is shown that his ancestors are the last hereditary Grand Prince of «Drevlyan land» (the “state of Dir” of Arab sources) Niszkinya and his son Dobrynya (uncle of Grand Prince Vladimir I Svyatoslavich), who became the prototype of the epic hero «Dobrynia Nikitich». It is established that after XVI century several provincial Russian clans became descendants of this aristocratic family: Talanins, Ponomarevs, Proskurnikovs (Nizhny Novgorod gubernia), Lentyevs, Molodykh Boyar, Kologrivovs, Amosovs (Arkhangelsk gubernia). The book is designed for both professional historians, genealogists and students, as well as for anyone interested in Russian history.