Talanin V.I. Russian and Russian-Hungarian nobility of X-XV centuries: historical and genealogical research. – Zaporozhye: ZNU, 2016. – 227 p. (In Russian)

The book is a continuation of the research by author of the genealogy of Russian princely/boyar genus of Niskinich who are descendants of the last Grand Prince of «Drevlyan land» Niszkinya/Mal and his son Dobrynia (uncle of Grand Prince Vladimir I Svyatoslavich). The genealogy of South Russian (Galician) branch of the genus in XI-XIII centuries which was founded by Novgorod boyar Vysheslav (Vyacheslav/Vyshata) Ostromirich was restored. It is shown that the well-known Galician boyars, “kormilchich’s” of the early 13th century, belonged to this genus. It is determined that in first half of XIII century some members of Novgorod Nuskinich genus moved to the Hungarian kingdom. The genealogy of the Hungarian branch of Niskinich’s clan in XIII-XV centuries, founded by four sons of Novgorod boyar Sbyslav Stepanich, was restored. In particular, the origin from Niskinich of the Hungarian genus Tisza (Tisza) is shown. The information about the real and hypothetical descendants of Hungarian Niskinich’s in XV-XVI centuries are shown. The book is designed for both professional historians, genealogists and students, as well as for anyone interested in Russian history.

Note: the book won the third prize in the competition of scientific and educational publications «Scientific Vertical — 2018» (St. Petersburg, Russia) in the nomination «The Best Scientific Monograph 2016-2017» section «Public (historical) science».