Talanin V.I., Talanin I.E., Matsko O. Simulation of the creation of a defect structure of dislocation-free germanium single crystals // J. Cryst. Growth. — 2020. — Vol. 533. — Article 125472.

The basis for applying the model of high-temperature impurity precipitation is decay of a supersaturated solid solution of point defects near the crystallization front. A necessary condition for high-temperature precipitation is absence of recombination processes of intrinsic point defects (vacancies and intrinsic interstitial atoms, IPDs) at high temperatures. The recombination parameters for dislocation-free germanium single crystals were estimated using the terms and concepts of Voronkov’s recombination-diffusion model. It was shown that at high temperatures in germanium there is a barrier against the recombination of IPDs. It is assumed that the formation of structural imperfections, as well as in silicon, proceeds through the interaction “impurity + IPD”. The possibility of applying the mathematical apparatus the diffusion model of formation of structural imperfections to the formation of a defective structure in undoped dislocation-free germanium single crystals is considered.