Talanin V.I., Talanin I.E. High-temperature precipitation of impurities in the framework of Vlasov’s model for solids // Crystallography Reports. 2019. – Vol. 64, N. 4. – P. 2-6.

It is shown that Vlasov’s model for solids describes the processes of complex formation during the growth of real crystals taking into account the thermal growth conditions. Allows in conjunction with the classical theory of nucleation and growth of second-phase particles in solids to calculate the defect structure of crystals, which was formed in the process of their growth. It has been established that the high-temperature precipitation of the impurity is directly related to the subsequent transformation of the defective structure during the production of silicon devices. A qualitative model of the formation of electrical centers has been proposed which directly links their origin with the initial silicon defect structure. It is shown that the concepts and principles of Vlasov’s physics are fully applicable to solid state physics.