Talanin V.I. Objectives and methods of transhumanistic digitalization policy // Revolution & Evolution: development models in science, culture, society. — Nizhny Novgorod, 2019. — P. 169-171. (In Russian)

The paper considers the modern process of society digitalization. It is shown that this process is guided by the ideology of transhumanism. On a number of examples, in particular, the currently undergoing testing of the Chinese “national rating system”, it is shown that the main goal of digitalization is to force a person under totalitarian control with a complete rejection of the privacy of human life. It is shown that such a policy, being of the same type in all world regions, deliberately leads to the construction of a global totalitarian statehood, the appearance of which was predicted in the first half of the twentieth century by the leading authors of the antiutopia genre. It is shown that the advertisement of the “improvement of the physical body” through its technological upgrade here is only an information cover for the process of collectivization of humanity, both within individual states and on a global scale. It is shown that the actual implementation of this policy leads to the self-destruction of not only individual nations and the elimination of national sovereignty, but also of humanity as a whole.