Talanin V.I. Korelian nobility in XIII-XV centuries and its descendants in Central Russia // Novogardia. – 2019. — № 1. – P. 154-197.

The article deals with the problem of the structure and personal composition of the medieval Korean nobility. The author considers the territorial localization of the Korelian five clans on the Swedish and Russian territories in XIII-XV centuries. The author shows that once mentioned in the sources «the sixth clan» Nanoloch is the genealogical branch of a Kurolchi clan. The author defines the territorial location of the clan Navoloch, and revealed the direct descendants of the highest nobility who had in XV–XVI centuries land ownership in Vazhinsky and Pirkinich regions of Obonezhskaya pyatina (district). It was revealed that some descendants of Navoloch nobility moved to Bogorodskoe village of Nizhniy Novgorod district together with its founders in 1579/1580. Author traces the genealogy of this immigrants and installed all local names, that derived from them. It is shown that the Korelian settlers brought in the Bogorodskoe leather craft.