Talanin V.I. To the question about the contribution of Russian nobility in the development of medieval literature // Novye Istoricheskie Perspektivy. – 2019. – N. 1 (14). – P. 11-27.

The article discusses some aspects of the cultural activities of the Novgorod Nereva boyars of the 10th-13th centuries. It is shown that they patronized nationwide chronicle from the 990s to the 1060s. It is shown that this boyar clan patronized the conduct of chronicles at the court of the Novgorod archbishop in the XII-XIII centuries. The historicity of the epic character “Vasily Buslaev” is shown, and his genealogical belonging to the genus Nerevo boyars (XII century) is determined. It is shown that with a very high degree of probability the authors of «The Lay of Igor’s Campaign» are the Novgorod-Seversky tysyatsky and his son as members of the Novgorod Nerevo boyar family.