Talanin V.I.Lost century: Russia between being and oblivion // Polish Journal of Science. – 2019. — № 15, Vol. 2. – S. 7-23.

It is briefly shown that after the collapse of historical Russia in 1917, it did not recover during the next century. It is shown that the events of the 1990s were not the collapse of socialism but the revenge of trotskyism. On this basis, it is specified that socialism still remains the state system of modern Russia. It is postulated that the further preservation of this situation will lead to the collapse of Russia, as a sacred Entity.

Note: This article was originally accepted into the oldest monarchist newspaper of Russian Diaspora, «Nasha Strana» (Buenos Aires). Its first part was published in issue 3084. However, the editor of the newspaper, N.L.Kasanzew, without the consent of the author, allowed himself to reduce the size of the first part. After he posted the number 3085 on the Web with the second part of the article, even more disfigured by unauthorized edits, the author was forced to make to him grounded claims. As a result, Kasanzew removed the number 3085 and soon replaced it with the number 3085-3086. The second part of the article in the newspaper «Nasha Strana» was never published. The author here posted out the relevant issues of the newspaper, so that every reader can see what edits Kasanzew made without consent with the author, and draw conclusions about the views that this editor adheres to.

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